I recently decided that I should keep a TMI blog of sorts. The other places that I exist in currently are bad mediums/formats for this type of stuff. In one of these, this type of information is mostly unwelcome. In the other, it couldn’t possibly be adequately communicated.

To be specific though, I had several friends that facilitated a type of….”release” for me. These were folk that I would chill with on a very frequent basis (a bit of an “incestuous” bunch also, might I add), and with a few of these girls in specific, I could basically talk about anything and everything (subjects that I wouldn’t even dare trying to raise with a therapist). Unfortunately, several graduations later, almost all are living hundreds to thousands of miles away, and the rest of my local friends are either involved in the things I’d be talking about (so why bother?) or easily offended by their mention.

Of course, a blog is a bad substitute for what this recently dissolved circle brought into my life, but it’ll have to do until I can build a similar circle back up. (And besides, what better use of my anonymity is there? I love telling these stories.)

Anyways, that’s about all I wanted to open with. Expect to see a bit of dirt! Until the next time, see y’all around…

– Jack The Bigmouth


Brevity and Civility

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