On Girl Eating

Upon signing off with “girl eater” on that last post, I realized that it’s probably something I should explain. Jack The Girl Eater” is a nickname given to me by my older sister.

My looks have always caused people to perceive me in certain ways. For example, people have always called me variants of “pretty boy”. I thought a “pretty boy” was someone who went out of their way to look pretty, but apparently I was wrong. I got called “pretty boy” by fellow Marines, when I was wearing the same uniform & gear they were, and when my hair was cut so short that it was only a step removed from being shaved. From this I had to conclude that it isn’t about my behavior, but rather about how people perceive me based on my appearance.

Throughout my life females have also assigned characteristics to me based on how they perceived me. An example being that many of the girls whom I’ve later became closer with, confess that they thought I was “scary” when they first met me (this fear probably came from the thought that I might reject them, since I really don’t remember behaving a way that would scare them). Obviously, the ways that girls perceive me affect how they interact with me, and it was from observing these interactions that my older sister came up with “Jack El Come Nena”. Or, in English “Jack The Girl Eater”

She assigned this type of hypnotizing, predatory characteristic to me that wasn’t there…at least, not intentionally. I didn’t intend for these these girls to become submissive and approval seeking when interacting with me, or for them to giggle at everything I said, and focus on me intently. I was just 13 years old at that time, after all…

I kinda fought it when I was younger, but I’ve embraced it as part of me. Today, I look forward to hearing women tell me they used to be intimidated by me, whether it be while we’re hanging out as friends, or laying next to each other in bed after a wild fuck. If I’m stuck having this role pushed onto me, I might as well try to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved, right?

Jack The Over-Thinker


Brevity and Civility

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