Even Better Than The Clitoris

– Have standard, PIV sex with my girl; she orgasms.

– Have standard, PIV sex with my girl…while gripping her neck tightly with my hand, whispering in her ear that she’s a dirty little cum-hungry slut, and describing a scenario for her in which I force her to watch me fuck another chick; she orgasms like 3 times in a row, taking long enough for me to catch my breath while I sit back and watch in amusement. And after, once she’s stopped convulsing and we jump into the shower, still smiling at each other, she starts cumming again, not quite done…

Sometimes, when I stop to think about these things, I get why the average male can’t figure women out: The average male doesn’t want to. He’s afraid of what he’ll find, and afraid of how that’ll change the way he sees women, the pure, innocent angels he’s placed on a pedestal.

(And as for the title, if any idiotic, dogmatic “You must stimulate the clitoris!” types are reading this, you can go eat a bag of baby a dicks.)

Jack The Degrader


Brevity and Civility

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