On Becoming A Content Creator

intro work

My skull avatar doesn’t look bad in 3D, huh?

I’ve been meaning to get into a “content creator” role for a while now.  There’s been more than a few instances in which I’ve felt a slight need to either get some thoughts out of my head, or to explain myself better (after too much was being misinterpreted from tweets, for example), and I think the video format would work well for this. Twitter is far too limited, and blog posts like these get left in the dust because, let’s face it, people would rather not read (I’ve seen friends comment “TL;DR” on Facebook status posts that would only take a minute to read).

So, I decided on Youtube a while back, and started getting everything set up. I got my page graphics all set, mirrored the look on Twatter, and even got partly done on an intro animation. Some of you might actually recall me mentioning it on my former Twatter account, and even posting a screen shot of the work in progress [pictured above, to the right]. So, what’s come of this? Well….nothing.

The thing is that I’m just too indifferent. Like, why put in any work, when pointing and laughing is so much easier? Making myself a shitty intro (read: great by most other people’s standards) wouldn’t even take that long. Organizing my thoughts into bulletpoints that I can elaborate on, recording audio, cutting it, making a sound spectrum out of it, adding any necessary graphics or footage, rendering it all out, and uploading it wouldn’t take that great of an effort either. But, like I said, I often don’t care enough to want to clarify inconsequential misunderstandings or squash some beef that someone’s started.

Like, I could do something crazy, like evicting my indifference, but why would I do that? My indifference has helped me through a lot. Anything from putting up with all of the shit I had to take during my time in The Corps, to interacting with women (trust me kids, it’ll get you laid). Plus, I have enough going on in my non-internet life to keep me busy as is, socially & professionally, and I’m really not hungry for praise.

If things really slow down, then maybe I’ll get around to getting videos up and running, so I can explain stuff like my stance on “agnosticism”, among other things. But until then…meh. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

– Jack The Uncaring


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