I’m Not A Mexican!

I got sent a picture by one of my girls recently (don’t tell my main girl, she can be a little possessive), and the included message read “My shirt is for you today, Jackie!”

I observe it for a moment, then reply “Is that a Gypsy-style Jack Skellington? Cool!”

But she fires back with “No, silly. It’s a sugar skull!”

“Sugar skull?”, I thought. “Dafuq?” It was the first I’d ever heard of the term, so I did a quick search online and read up on it for a bit. After a moment, it hits me. “Motherfucker…” So I immediately text her back with “Bro’, I’m not Mexican.”

Geez. Maybe that’s what I get for mixing it up with white gurlz, this one being a Southern, dumb-blonde one, at that! Her social circle isn’t exactly the most diverse.

– Jack The Puerto Rican


Brevity and Civility

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