On “Best Friends”

The following is my take on a picture I found yesterday morning. From the moment I saw it, it resonated with me so strongly that I had to save it to show my girl Giovanna. When I did, she reacted as expected: With a loud, hearty laugh.


The reason behind her laughter is the fact that this is a line that she uses on pretty much everyone. Though we’ve known each other for much longer, we didn’t become intimate until about 5 years ago, when I left my last monogamous relationship and found that, not only had Giovanna had a decade-long crush on me, but she’d also come of age.

We’ve gone our separate ways a few times since, being that she’s interested in being taken care of & I’m not up for that, but the times that she’s entered into would-be monogamous relationships while we’ve been in contact hasn’t stopped her from seeking me out to fuck her silly.

As I’ve mentioned before, “my girl” has a boyfriend. What I may not have mentioned is that, as far as he knows, their relationship is “monogamous”, and for him that is most likely true. Obviously, that isn’t the case for her, and I can’t really blame her…

After several years of exploring each other, I know her pretty well. I’d have to be some lousy bastard to not have her figured out by now. The fact that we are honest enough with each other (since I’ve long known and accepted that she’s a slut, and I don’t give two fucks what she thinks about me) has facilitated this process. The way she’s put it is that I’m the only person that she can be herself around, which makes for a very fun, laid back time when we chill. That’s almost never the case with the men she enters into would-be exclusive relationships with. They’re either the wrong mix of dominant, or the wrong mix of submissive, and she’s reportedly often left…unsatisfied.

So while it is true that she considers me one of her best friends, she’s obviously not giving her partners, family, and friends the whole story when she introduces me as such. It’s not an “arrangement” that I’m happy about, but I’m not a child. I know the typical “provider” male isn’t up for providing for a female who is also free to give it up to other men. Maybe if the average male had as easy a time getting laid as the average female…but we know that’s not the case. Anyways, I think this post should serve as another hint for the Committed Man. It’s time to take the pussy off the pedestal, ’cause it’s climbing down on its own and wandering quite a bit when you’re not looking anyhow…

Oh! And if your woman tells you that her “best friend” is “gay”…well, unless he’s a confirmed cock-sucker, I wouldn’t buy it if I were you…

– Jack The Paramour


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