On “Talking”

A large part of the enjoyment that I get from sex is making women blow their lids. I could get myself to cum (almost) anytime that I want, so there’s no challenge in that. Being able to get women to explode though? I find it pretty damn satisfying, and to this end, “talking” has been a very potent tool.

By “talking”, I don’t mean running at the mouth out of anxiety, though. I’m the type that, in wishing to engage a woman’s every sense during sex, will also engage her imagination. I’ve actually given y’all a taste of the specifics before. Well…actually, that wasn’t that specific. I would need to write something closer to a script if that was the case. This type of thing requires a bit of a build up, and that takes time. It isn’t just “dirty talking”. Anybody could do that. What I’m referring to is…well, let me just give you an example: Imagine using a combination of talking, kissing, and light, non-genital touch to get a woman to climax before her panties have come off…

I like to think of it as storytelling. If you fail to capture your audience’s imagination, and to get them to become emotionally invested by the time they reach the climax of your story, the impact will not be as strong as it could have been. The principle is the same here, except one isn’t restricted to using just words.

This is something I picked up while dating Liz. It was a long distance relationship, and although the distance wasn’t that great, we couldn’t afford to see each other as often as we would’ve liked. The phone was our primary means of communication, and it was during a late night conversation that this began. Liz started telling me about how bad she wanted to fuck me and something in me just…”clicked”. I took the conversation over and described everything that I would do to her the next time that I saw her, from foreplay to climax. She got so into it that she flicked her bean and managed to finish herself off before I was done talking. It was the first time I’d ever done anything like that, so I took myself by surprise.

Liz liked this so much that she requested that I do it in person. So the next time that we met, I blindfolded and handcuffed her. Her inability to see, while raising the rest of her senses, also made it so that she could not anticipate my touching and kissing, and the handcuffs kept her from touching herself. The results were explosive, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Though I don’t always use it, “talking” has been a part of my repertoire ever since, and I’ve adapted it to fit a variety of situations, moods, and women. The purpose of this post was more to explain than to tell any story though. I have another post in the works, and I thought it would be simpler if I got this topic out of the way first. It’s possible that I might also do a post on “sadism”, but we’ll see. That’s all I have for now. Later…

– Jack The Smooth Operator


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