“Ok, NOW you have my attention!”

Those were the words I uttered while getting my dick stroked and sucked by two chicks at the same time…

…while I was driving on the highway

…at 80+ miles per hour

…while slightly intoxicated.

Alright. Ok. So, take note, because this’ll be one of the few times that I will ever admit to this: That was probably a very reckless thing to do. But what was I supposed to do? Go “No, STAHP”? I suppose that would’ve been the sensible thing to do…

I’ll share a little background before jumping into the circumstances leading up to the scene described above. So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but Giovanna is also into girls. Recently, she introduced me to this friend of hers, we’ll call her “Tess”, and we’ve been working towards setting up a threesome. She seems to be down for it, but thus far obstacles have only allowed us to have drunken, three-way make out sessions.

Tonight was a little different.

While driving Tess home, Giovanna and her were in my back seat lezzing the fuck out, when Giovanna suddenly blurts out “Oh my god. You HAVE to see his dick. It is SO huge.” (Ok, pause. So, I know what you’re probably thinking, and I don’t blame you. This story is already fantastic enough as is, but trust me, I’m not making this shit up. Being that I’m anonymous, I really have no reason to. But yes, my dick is a nice size. It’s a big reason for this confidence of mine that always gets me into trouble.)

This wasn’t the first time tonight that she’d said it, but it was the first time she’d said it while we weren’t out in the middle of public. “Let’s see it!”, Tess commanded. “Right now?” “Yes, c’mon.” After a bit of banter back and forth (I can’t go around giving women what they want so easily. What do I look like?),  I unbuckle my belt, unbutton and unzip my jeans and tell her “Alright. Give me a hand…”

So, you might not know it, but “Give me a hand” is one of those commands that works great withing all type of sexual contexts. In this instance, it meant “Come get my dick hard if you want to see how big it gets”. I did not need to repeat myself…

Tess started kissing and sucking on my neck and earlobe while fondling my balls, then Giovanna leaned the front passenger’s seat all of the way back, climbed over it to the front, and joined in. I started getting into it, so I took my seat belt off, leaned my seat back a little, and pushed my pelvis up, to the point that I was driving with my ass off of my seat. They got into it as well. Giovanna began using her mouth now, and Tess joined in. And that, friends, was the precise moment at which I uttered the words you see in the title.

This didn’t last for long though (not that I was hoping to cum or anything), as Tess’s exit had quickly approached, and it was time to take her back home to her mom (don’t worry, Tess is of age). It wasn’t so bad though. As consolation, Giovanna and I went on to vent our frustrations with each other. That was probably the most disgusting, slutty sex I’ve had in a while…and it was awesome!

It wasn’t ’til after I’d burned through all of my ATP, depleted my bodily fluids, and lost my buzz that the insanity of what we’d done during that ride actually sank in. It’s been a few hours and I’m still not sure what to think though. Guess I’ll sleep on it…

– Jack The Reckless


4 thoughts on ““Ok, NOW you have my attention!”

    • It was! Though we still haven’t gotten a chance to take Tess home with us, that scene in my car got my girl going wilder than usual.

      I think I need more friends like this. 😀

  1. Ah, Jack, Jack, while a hot story, its just more proof that recklessness doesn’t wear off with age, eh? 😉

    Makes me glad I don’t have a huge cock like yours — I don’t need any more confidence than I have now, and if confidence is based on size …..

    • I won’t mind it sticking around for another decade or so, but hopefully it is tempered/wears off when I’m nearing my 40’s. I don’t want to be like my grandfather. That dude is still out chasing women and getting into trouble. My youngest known aunt is several years younger than me.

      I specify “known” because I suspect there might be more… >_>

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