On “The Committed Man”

(It was a while ago that “kcmaleescort” left a question on my “Has Your Woman Sucked Male Stripper Cock?” post, and I thought it was a good one. They noted that I usually define my terms, but that I’d used “Committed Man” a few times without elaborating on it. My answer was provisional, because I knew I could write a blog’s worth on the subject, and so I did. I feel like I got lost during my first attempt, however, so i took it down with the promise that it would return. It’s been a busy end/start of the year, but things have slowed down a little again, so here we go!)

At its base, being a “Committed Man” is mainly about the beliefs that one holds. Believing in things like “true love” & “soul mates/The One”, that women are the coy, chaste creatures featured in Disney animations, and that a woman could ever love you unconditionally, as mum did, if only you show just how committed you are to your role as a protector/provider.

My issue with these beliefs, first and foremost, is that they are false.

The reality: As members of a species that falls somewhere between “tournament” and “pair-bonding”, women want the best (that they can get) of both worlds, and that often means that they’ll take the good genes from one male, while simultaneously fooling a good provider into taking care of her, under the pretense that the resulting child is his own (With this occurring so often, that from 10-40% of children are raised by men who wrongly believe they are the biological father). With pregnancies being easy to prevent, here in modernity, what this usually means is that many women enter relationships with providers while they continue to fuck a “bad boy” or two on the side. As I answered provisionally, women are just as fallible, unfaithful, and promiscuous as men, and that’s the point that I set out to make when I first mentioned the Committed Man (I, II).

Though I try not to take myself too seriously, I want it to be clear that I think the Committed Man’s beliefs, in the face of the evidence, are dysfunctional. If the fact that they are untrue wasn’t enough for me to feel this way, then the countless friends and acquaintances that I see repeatedly banging their heads against a wall—as they try to square the narrative that society sold them with the reality that they face—certainly does it.

To wrap this up, I’d like to state that my goal here isn’t to paint women as The Devil. I’d just like it if we were all adults about this and stopped acting as if women were angels. They’re not, and neither are men. We’re both animals, neither being very far from the dirt, and each with our own set of self-interests in mind. I’d much rather we entered interactions with each other with our feet firmly grounded in knowledge and acceptance, instead of ignorance and idealism. The latter is a recipe for disappointment.

Until the next time, that’s all I have.

– Jack The Iconoclast


2 thoughts on “On “The Committed Man”

  1. Normally I would play “devil’s advocate,” but in this case it might be “angel’s advocate.”

    The world you describe might be more realistic, but it is certainly a lot more dreary. It doesn’t have the same evocative pull of the true romantic about it.

    I could say it is like sparring against the Green Witch of C.S. Lewis’s “The Silver Chair” when she is denying the existence of Narnia. Narnia may not exist, but it is certainly more worthwhile living for than the underworld around them.

    I don’t think we have to be blind and think women “chaste”, but there is something that wants to believe more than the animal is possible.

    So what do you think of the escort’s attempt to play the angel? 😉

    • Hahaha.

      I think you did alright, and that might do it for most, but I fear that I may have stared into the abyss for far too long. I’m too far gone. 😛

      Sure, it can be bleak, but I value knowledge—and being able to understand why we behave the ways that we behave—so much that it offsets the bleakness. This might all come down to personal preference, in the end ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_pill_and_blue_pill#Analysis ).

      I think humans, to include women, are amazing animals as they are. No need to be more.

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