Pies And Succubi


This post is not about food…

In a previous post, I went over how I use “talking” as an aid to arouse and/or bring women to orgasm. While I went into some of the intricacies, I left out specifics. Today, I want to talk about one of those specifics, and the trouble it’s gotten me into. When I first learned, first hand, about the way that this specific topic turns some women into wild, reckless beasts, I was kind of taken aback.

You could say I was still a bit of a Committed Man at heart back then, and this meant that I actually believed that women were what they said they were. (Turns out these claims were mostly soulless regurgitations of characteristics they borrowed from the cultural narrative on feminine propriety…)

So, imagine naive Jack’s surprise when, upon first giving the subject of insemination a try during some of his mid-sex “talking”, it turned a woman that had previously behaved as if she was perfectly happy with condom use, into an aggressive, cum-fiending succubus. This was, of course, Liz.

It’s one of my fond memories. Just minutes before things went all crazy, she’d been posing nude for me to draw her, but that didn’t last long. Some time into our fuck session, while licking and nibbling on her ear lobe, I whispered that I wanted to dump all of my cum deep inside of her wet little pussy really badly, and she let out a moan like I’d never heard before. It was like an “Oh yes!” and an “Oh no, what have you unleashed?!”, all mixed into one. Oh, what came next…

From beneath me I heard “Take the condom off” slip out of her mouth along with one of her moans. My immediate reaction was to let out a snicker and say, “What? No.” She must have been joking, right? “I said take it OFF!” This time, the moan had a slight growl to it. “Wait, are you serious?” Now I was beginning to get worried. “YES. Take it OFF!” Her tone changed from “I’m enjoying this, but…can you do this other thing now?” to “If you don’t give me what I want I will TAKE IT!”

Now I knew she’d gone crazy, but I decided to continue fucking her while taunting her with more talk of insemination, and that’s when I noticed that she’d gotten her little hand wrapped around my dick. Bro’…this chick was seriously trying to rip my condom off! So I pinned her wrists down, but it didn’t end there. I’m still not quite sure how Liz did it, but she pulled out some jujitsu moves and after a bit of struggling, managed to get her knee on my chest and actually pushed me off and out of her! If I’d been a religious man, I would have thought that I was witnessing a demonic possession, because I couldn’t understand where this petite 5’3″ and 98lbs little lady was drawing such strength from. But, I still didn’t allow her hands near my dick.

Liz was so hell bent on having me cum inside of her that, upon finally realizing that I wasn’t going to comply with her feverish request, she rolled out of bed, sat in a corner of the room, and threw a whiny, floor slapping tantrum. To this day, it’s still one of the strangest things I’ve seen an adult woman do. She was seriously distraught about it, but…we fixed it.

Soon after, Liz went and got on birth control, and then things got nasty. Like really, really nasty. It was that-wet-spot-is-so-serious-we’re-not-gonna-be-able-to-sleep-on-the-bed nasty.

The thing with us being in a long distance relationship was that, when we’d get our hands on each other, we made good use of our time. Like, people talk about going for a 2nd round, but 3rd and 4th rounds were commonplace for us. So when you add up her multiple, became-ridiculously-drenched orgasms, and my multiple inseminations…by Poseidon, that shit was serious. The relationship only lasted a few more months, but man…we got some mileage out of that!

What’s that, you say? I said women at the start of this? Hm. It seems I did. Well, guess you’ll just have to wait for that. Thanks for joining me while I reminisced. See y’all around…

– Jack The Incubus


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