On Sluts

Some of these girls look a little young to play the part, don't they?...

Some of these girls look a little young to play the part, don’t they?…

Seeming that I’ve used the term at least once or twice, I thought I should get around to sharing my thoughts on it. This can be a very divisive subject, but I have a bit I’d like to say about it.

My definition for the word “slut” is simple: A woman* that (seemingly) sleeps around indiscriminately.

*(More on this in a bit…)

Not as easy to follow, it seems, is when I state that my use of the word “slut” is descriptive, not normative. In other words, I’m not making a moral judgement when I use the term. In the past, I’ve  had people jump down my neck when I’ve used the term, screeching that I’m a “slut shamer”“sex negative”, or whatever the hell else kids are saying these days, but that’s based on their notions of the term, not mine.

I mean, wouldn’t it be a bit out of character for a guy that benefits from women’s looseness to be out to make them more sexually inhibited?

Let’s address that asterisk, though. So, why do I—unless I’m joking—reserve the term “slut” for women? The short answer is that I accept reality. Here’s the longer version:

Of men and women, men are the most sexually proceptive and receptive. Meaning, men are the most sex seeking, and the most open to offers. Past experience arguing for “Men can’t be sluts” has taught me that some folk seem to be in denial of this, but when it comes to heterosexual sex, one thing is painfully obvious: Women are the gate keepers. They are the limiting factor.

Have you ever wondered why gay men put straight men to shame when it comes to partner counts? It’s because females, the least proceptive and receptive sex, the limiters, are completely removed from the equation. (The lesbian partner count in that Gay Census link also supports my informed argument. It’s what happens when you remove the most proceptive and receptive sex from the equation.)

So…there it is. My definition of “slut”, the way that I use it, and my argument for why “slut” isn’t something that can apply to men.

When you’re a member of the sex that most actively seeks out sex, and which usually has to work a considerable amount to get it, a label used to indicate that you’re giving up sex too easily simply does not apply. Men have ascended sluthood. We are beyond it. Our nature destroys the very premise that the term is based on.

And that…is all I have to say on this topic. Take care!

– Jack The Stud (Ha)


2 thoughts on “On Sluts

  1. Very perceptive definition. No argument here. And I agree, descriptive, not normative.

    You normally stay on the hetero side of the questions, but since you brought up the gay partner count, I assume you have to admit that even there there are those whose numbers exceed the rest of the norm. Would you assume there should be a term there?

    • Are you asking if I think there should be a term for gay men who far exceed the norm?

      I mean…I think at that point, maybe sex addict would work? 😛

      As for my normally sticking to the hetero side of things: The more I learn about homosexuality the more I realize that I;m probably better off not assuming that I understand much.

      …although, it’s really just lesbians at this point. I mean, I guess I have heard of lesbians going bi/straight before. I just didn’t expect a butch dyke that acts and dresses like a dude, and which has never acted as if she had any interest in men, to go get some dick.

      The fact that after spilling her guts she demanded that it be kept a secret and that it never be spoken about again hasn’t helped my confusion. But, hey. It’s not my business the inquire about, in the end.

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