Galina, I

winoAh, Galina. Where do I begin?

“Galina” was a friend I met during my time in art school, and part of my incestuous circle of friends. Unlike the rest of the crew though, it wasn’t a geographical change that brought distance between us. Before a strange mix of personality quirks and events brought us apart, we were actually very close.

I believe the reasons we were so close were that we’d both experienced the horrors of armed conflict in our youths, both had IQ’s in the top seven percent, and both were a bit older (I was in my late 20’s, and she was in her mid 30’sthan the college students we found ourselves surrounded by daily. Also, at least on her end, Galina was unapologetic about the fact that she was sexually attracted to me…

Our interests in psychology, foreign films, and most of all, alcohol, were definitely big factors also. Galina was a self proclaimed wino, and though wine has never been my alcoholic beverage of choice, spending time with her definitely caused me to warm up to it. But I’m probably skipping over a few things…

I met Galina through a friend from that aforementioned incestuous circle. She needed help with some classwork, and this friend thought I was the go to guy for that subject. After working together few times at school, and finding that we had interesting conversations, we began hanging out outside of school.

Whether it was with our other friends, out at a restaurant, or over at her place, alcohol was pretty much always involved (while I’m confessing a bit, I might as well add that we also did a bit of drinking while at school). We’d drink, watch films, share our views on philosophy, science, psychology, and relationships, work on artwork—it was great!

Early on, during one of these nights of drinking, Galina confessed being sexually attracted to me. Not being one to try and shy away from uncomfortable situations, I went ahead and told her that, though flattered, I didn’t feel the same way. She took it pretty well, but added that, due to her history, she was certain that we would still end up hooking up someday. Somehow…I still didn’t feel pressured.

That’s one of the things I liked most about her. You could say that my sexual attraction towards Galina was perfectly neutral. I was neither repulsed, nor attracted, and her nonchalant attitude about the whole thing made it so I never felt pressured to make a move.

*Sigh*. If only it was possible for good things to remain so. Stay tuned for the next post (now live). It’s downhill from here…

– Jack The Friendzoner


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