Galina, II

Things between Galina and I were going great. I had a female friend that could relate to me, shared many of my interests, was intelligent, and whom I felt no pressure to fuck, even though she was upfront about finding me attractive.

So what happened?

A few months into this friendship, some time after I’d been giving a certain dating website a try and having success, I recommended it to Galina. It wasn’t long before she joined as well, having her inbox flooded with messages, and she’d update me on her experiences when we’d hang out. Since I’d learned a bit on Game by that point, I would give her my perspective on her suitors and their efforts.

There was one guy in particular (we’ll call him “Robert”) that, from his behavior, seemed like he knew a bit of Game. My mentioning this piqued her interest, so over the next few days she spent a bit of time picking my brain on the subject. This information would later be weaponized…

Anywho, Galina started seeing Robert, then eventually entered an exclusive relationship with him. Partly because he was a bit of a fitness freak, and partly because she deceived him in with photos of when she weighed a bit less, Robert had her ass in the gym on a regular basis. This was both good, and bad. Galina’s progress brought about changes which, well, escalated things between us.

Galina gained a boost in confidence and began wearing clothes that were more form fitting, and slightly more revealing. She also began being a little more physical when we hung out. Mostly, this entailed her playing with my hair (I stopped cutting my hair and let it grow wild about half a year before this, so it was long and curly. Women love it), but I wasn’t exactly stopping her, either. My attraction for her changed during this time. It went from neutral to “A few pounds less, and if she pushes it, I might not fight her off…”

To add fuel to the fire, around this same period Galina began experiencing some...relational dissatisfaction. Robert was not your run of the mill fitness freak. He used to be a body builder, and had been doing steroids for years by this point. Out of health concerns, he stopped soon after beginning to date Galina, and it revealed some problems. Years of doping caused Robert’s body to stop producing its own testosterone, and without it, his libido was dead.

And then it came. That cool, Fall evening when all of these factors, and more, combined to form the perfect environment for the fire to spread and raze everything in its path.

Galina, her roommate, and I were getting out of class late one Friday night, and decided to celebrate the end of a hellish school week by getting nice and drunk. Our medium, to be vaguely precise, would be two 1.5 litre bottles of a dark Cabernet/Merlot blend. One for me, and one for Galina and her roommate. Once at their apartment, Galina poured us all a bit (a lot) of wine, then went into her room to get some music going. I was just about done with my fist glass when she called me in there.

She wanted to dance.

Now, I’m not much for dancing, but I decided to humor her. We were only a few seconds into this when she started grinding on me, though. This…was a problem. You see, I was freeballing that night, and when I freeball, I tend to feel friskier than usual. Maybe it’s the way my junk feels against the inside of my jeans, maybe it’s the awareness that I have one less layer between my dick and the world. I don’t really know, but there it was.

Galina’s grinding was getting me hard, so I awkwardly excused myself with a story about needing more wine, hurried my ass back to the living room, and jumped into the couch, where hiding an erection would me an easier feat.

After pouring myself another cup, I began gulping it down while feigning to chat with the roommate. The roommate was one of those overly girly types, and a lightweight—which she revealed when Galina came to ask if we wanted more—so that left the rest of her wine for us.  My glass was sitting on the coffee table across from me, and when Galina went to top it off, she positioned herself directly in front of my line of sight, her back towards me, and bent over, putting her tight-pants wrapped ass and lady parts on display for me,  mere inches from my face.

I noticed.

She hung there long enough for me to take in the various contours of her feminine parts. And that was when it clicked for me. I may have been halfway drunk, but I saw what she was up to. Before I could analyze the situation further though, she had us change venues, from the living room, to her bed room. The roommate took the computer chair in front of the PC, so I sat on the bed, which Galina quickly took advantage of. She sat behind me, pulled me back to lean against her, and started playing with my hair.

I don’t remember what the conversation was about, but I recall Galina not saying much. It was just her roommate and I talking, which makes me think Galina wanted the conversation to die so she could kick her out of the room. A lot more wine was consumed during this time, also. I finished my bottle (the way we were pouring it, a litre and a half of wine disappears after four wine glasses), so Galina gave me some of hers. I ended up drinking half of her bottle…

After all of the wine was gone and the roommate and I were still talking, I felt Galina breathing on my neck and ear, and the resulting reaction in my pants made me reconsider our seating arrangement. I got up and went to sit on the floor, and this is when she went in for the kill: Galina pretended to accidentally drop something next to me, bent down to pick it up, and as she did, licked my ear lobe and whispered “I want you to fuck me so bad…”

And that, boys and girls, did it. It was over. Done. By chance or by accident, Galina found one of my “buttons”, and she didn’t just press it gently. She bashed it.

Stay tuned for the conclusion. The crazy is about to begin…

– Jack The Commando


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