Galina, III


Previously, on Jack’s TMI Blog, we left off with Galina pushing one of my “buttons”, thus very much requiring that furious, drunken sex be performed. The point of no return had been crossed.

After licking on and whispering in my ear, Galina nonchalantly stood back up, stretched her arms into the air with a yawn, and announced that she was ready to pass out. The way that her long, red hair hung concealed what she did while she was leaning down towards me, so her giggly, lightweight roommate was none the wiser. Galina dove into her bed, her roommate said her farewells, and I locked the bedroom door after showing her out.

Music was still playing kinda loudly, and maybe that was a good thing, ’cause when I climbed on top of Galina and we started making out she began moaning rather loudly. Like…to the point that I was worried the roommate would hear it. But, I persevered. The clothes came off, then came foreplay, then came penetration, and—OW! Motherfucker! 

Galina squeezed the fuck out of my right bicep, to the point that her nails drew blood. I was really glad that she hand’t gotten my left arm, and possibly fucked up my sleeve. But, through the crazy-loud moaning and the pain, I persevered. Fast forward to Galina having an orgasm, and…shit just got weirder from here. She…started crying a little. Now, I’d been with women that sometimes cried after orgasming, so no biggie…right? I gave her some little smooches and picked on her a little. “Aww. Poor baby. Are you Ok?” I feel as if she could have taken this a little better…

Galina pushed me off and started wailing, ranting about Robert, how she’d promised him a baby, felt horrible, and all sorts of shit. It was pretty unsettling. I backed off and sat there, and just as I began wondering what I’d gotten myself into, she got up, walked to the corner, sat in the fetal position, and began rocking back and forth while she cried. If she hadn’t been a long time friend, I would have fled and NEVER looked back.

But then, suddenly, it just…stopped. Galina got up, came and sat in front of me, wiped the tears from her eyes, said she was Ok…then ripped my condom off and started sucking on my dick. Yes. The woman that had just finished wailing over her infidelity was back to wanting to fuck again. I didn’t know what the fuck to think! My dick was going, “Sweet!”, while my drunken brain went “WHAT THE FUUUCK!!!” But, dammit, I persevered!

Right as I was over and inside of Galina again, the aforementioned 2¼ litres of wine decided to kick in all at once, and I started getting the fucking spins. “Whoa whoa whoa! Pause. Time out! I can’t. Sorry, we have stop…”

“What?! Why?!”

“Look, I don’t feel good. I’m getting the fucking spins…”

“Here, it’s Ok. Just stay close to me—”

“LISTEN! No. That’s not gonna work. If you keep pushing it, I’m gonna puke all over you. Just…like…let me lay down for a little bit until the room stops spinning…”

“You promise we’ll go again when you’re feeling better?”

“Yes, yes. We can go again. Just…let me lay down for, like…an hour…”

She finally let up, and I was out. When I came to, the Sun was up. So much for that promise…

Galina was still knocked out, so I laid there and stared at the ceiling for a while. At some point, she rolled over and cuddled up to me, so I played with her hair. I started getting a partial again, though, so I took it as my cue to go, and went ahead and got dressed. It was all very awkward. She wanted to know things weren’t irreparably damaged between us, so I reassured her that we’d sort it out. We hugged, agreed to talk about it later, and I headed home, where I took a very long nap.

Later that evening, I got a text asking how I was feeling. “Physically: I’ve been better. Not as bad as I was this morning. Otherwise…just hoping this doesn’t turn into a big shit storm for you…” The changing of a friendship’s nature due to sex wasn’t a concern of mine, but if that friend was “taken”, I understood it could cause problems. Galina then texted that she’d gotten into a huge argument with Robert (didn’t specify what the argument was about), and requested that we “forget” about what happened for at least a few days. I agreed.

That following Monday we were due back in to class, so we decided to meet at school early to talk some. If I’d known what I know now, what followed wouldn’t have surprised me.

When we met again, Galina opened the conversation by shedding any sense of agency and blaming me for everything. Like, sure, she kept feeding me wine long after I’d had enough, and purposely did things to turn me on repeatedly, to include explicitly asking to be fucked…but she had a little to drink and I took her up on her offer to fuck, therefore it was all my fault. What of her telling me she was attracted to me, and that we’d end up fucking one day anyways, months before? Still all on me. Me, me, me. Her hypothesis? Game.

Yep. Galina believed that I placed her under mind-control, via Game, and made her want to fuck me. No…I’m being totally serious. If I didn’t know better, I would have believed that I over-sold Game to Galina, causing her to think it granted practitioners the power to use Jedi mind-tricks. (Trust me, friends. Game is nowhere near that potent, and even if it was, Galina is not the type of woman I would have wasted my magic on.But, since I do know better, I understand what led to the things that went down that Monday: A mix of infidelity-guilt and Morning After Slut-Feelz caused Galina’s Rationalization Hamster to go into overdrive, and it spent the entire weekend fabricating reasons why none of what happened was her responsibility.

I tried refuting all of this, but when a woman’s got a choice between carrying guilt and shame around, or believing her own bullshit, she will go for the latter, logic and reason be damned. Can ya blame her?

Slowly but surely, our friendship unraveled. The beliefs needed to support the narrative that Galina chose to adopt, about the causes of that night’s events, were not the type that sustain friendships. One of these beliefs was that I’d apparently fabricated every aspect of my personality, lying—about who I was, what I was into, and what I believed—every step of the way, just to get into her pants. After the one-night stand, any disagreement we had became evidence that the times I’d agreed with her prior to this were just done to get her to fall for me. I’m surprised the friendship went on for as long as it did.

And that…is about all I wanted to share about that. It could have been worse, I suppose. Galina could’ve gone nuclear, and accused me of taking advantage of her, whether to the authorities or just within our social circle. But luckily, it wasn’t her first rodeo, and she valued discretion enough to not make our one-night stand public knowledge. If she told anyone at all at our school, then they must have the tightest lips around, because it’s yet to get back to me, and our small school is like a small town when it comes to gossip.

Anywho, y’all go on and get out of here. I’m sure you can find something less depressing to spectate! Until the next one…


– Jack The Jedi Master


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