On Discretion

Discretion is something that I think those of us who live non-monogamously should practice, and I do mean every type of non-monogamy.

watched this video recently, in which the late Patrice O’Neal tells a story that basically amounts to him being falsely accused of rape because someone had a big mouth, and it took me back to a few times in my life where my lack of discretion almost got me in big trouble, and to others were my discretion kept things from turning worse than they did.

The one that sticks out the most, as an example of trouble brought about by my lack of discretion, was the first time that my then-girlfriend and I had sex (we’ll call her “Liz” from here on). In the spirit of discretion (Haha. Gotta make up for that time!), I will be keeping some of the details vague: She worked at a swanky hotel whose bar my then co-workers frequented, and her job had strict rules against fraternizing with customers. They’d all met her long before I did, and were telling me all about how hot she was for a while before I finally met her.

When I did, it was pretty much lust at first sight for the both of us. She had me look her up on MySpace (that should give you some idea as to how long ago this was) and after a few weeks of writing each other and occasionally talking on the phone, I somehow convinced her to meet me at her job on one of her days off (Aside: I have a tendency of underselling my seduction skills. I like to think it keeps my head from getting too big). I was kind of stuck there until my co-workers got out of work, so I couldn’t meet with her elsewhere, and the situation demanded that I struck right then and there, when the iron was hot. So, I snuck her in through one of the side exits so that none of her co-workers would see her, brought her up to the room, and we had ourselves a fuck that I still remember fondly.

If you’re thinking “But Jack, that was sneaky as fuck! How much more discreet could you have been?!”

Lots. Things are about to get scandalous, just you wait.

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Jack’s Drunken Consent Argument

Change of pace from the usual. The following is the formal version of an argument I’ve been making for a while, which I originally posted here. It’s about whether adults can consent to sex while under the “influence” of alcohol. The topic seems to come up often enough when dealing with serial infantilizers of women like Feminists and SJW‘s, so I thought I would keep it handy at an easily retrievable location, for future use. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about my argument, please post them below. You can help me make it better.

Anyhow, without further ado, the argument:

  • Premise 1: When you knowingly & voluntary consume alcohol, you are agreeing to expose yourself to its effects. Loss of inhibition, reaction speed, and short-term memory, among other things.
  • Premise 2A blackout isn’t a loss of consciousness, nor an indicator of extreme intoxication.
  • Premise 3: The inability to recollect your own actions does not mean you are unaccountable for those actions.
  • Inference 1: Per P1, you are responsible for any behavior you may engage in while under the influence of voluntarily consumed alcohol, to include operating a motor vehicle, or consenting to and having sex.
  • Inference 2: Per P2, and P3, blacking out doesn’t mean the consent that you gave was void.
  • Conclusion: The sex that you consented to and had while drunk, even if you can’t remember any of it, isn’t rape.


– Jack The “Rape Apologist”