A Challenge: Proclamation Of Recognition


(The following is a slightly modified version of a comment left in response to a blog post titled “An Open Letter From The Patriarchy“. Upon posting it I realized that their comments are moderated and, not wanting to leave it to chance, decided to publish it here as well.)

Entertaining. I would categorize this as “high fantasy”. Whoever penned this is incredibly creative. I give it a 10/10!

…I just hope that, for their own sake, no man takes this seriously.

“[T]he greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.” A conveniently quoted old saying, because The Devil, in this instance, is woman and her power. This is something almost all women know. I believe the only women oblivious to their own power are Feminists, and even then, it’s only a very small fraction of their ranks. These plays at victimhood are indirect power-grabs, and men project uncharacteristic frankness onto women in believing that any meaningful number of them actually see themselves as victims.

I think women’s power is something all men recognize, at least subconsciously, and the classically boisterous masculine ego is but a defense mechanism (Reaction Formation) arising in response to that uncomfortable truth. Such a strong response betrays the male ego’s attempt to deny what it already knows…

But…do not take the above as an assertion of submission. On the contrary, simply stating what I have above is, on its own, a challenge to woman’s power, and if you cannot understand why, then you have a lot to learn…

– Jack The Abandoner


Became A Content Creator


Remember that post from a while ago, in which I went over how my indifference made it difficult for me to start making videos? Me neither.

Anywho, I finally got over my OCD-like need to have a perfect, graphically beautiful intro all finished before posting a single video, and just got on with it. While I keep this blog for more…personal topics (I’ll be back to post more one day, promise!), my Twitter and Youtube accounts are where I do things like discuss politics, mock and troll, or some of both simultaneously. On Youtube, until now, that consisted of watching videos and commenting/getting involved in the discussion.

My verdict: Fuck, this took a while to edit! Hopefully it becomes easier as I fall into some sort of groove, or else I’ll quit and go back to just spectating and commenting on videos that others produce.

Anywho, if you think you may be interested in this kind of stuff, consider subscribing. That’s all I have for now. Until the next time!

– Jack The Perfectionist

Jack’s Drunken Consent Argument

Change of pace from the usual. The following is the formal version of an argument I’ve been making for a while, which I originally posted here. It’s about whether adults can consent to sex while under the “influence” of alcohol. The topic seems to come up often enough when dealing with serial infantilizers of women like Feminists and SJW‘s, so I thought I would keep it handy at an easily retrievable location, for future use. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about my argument, please post them below. You can help me make it better.

Anyhow, without further ado, the argument:

  • Premise 1: When you knowingly & voluntary consume alcohol, you are agreeing to expose yourself to its effects. Loss of inhibition, reaction speed, and short-term memory, among other things.
  • Premise 2A blackout isn’t a loss of consciousness, nor an indicator of extreme intoxication.
  • Premise 3: The inability to recollect your own actions does not mean you are unaccountable for those actions.
  • Inference 1: Per P1, you are responsible for any behavior you may engage in while under the influence of voluntarily consumed alcohol, to include operating a motor vehicle, or consenting to and having sex.
  • Inference 2: Per P2, and P3, blacking out doesn’t mean the consent that you gave was void.
  • Conclusion: The sex that you consented to and had while drunk, even if you can’t remember any of it, isn’t rape.


– Jack The “Rape Apologist”