On “Best Friends”

The following is my take on a picture I found yesterday morning. From the moment I saw it, it resonated with me so strongly that I had to save it to show my girl Giovanna. When I did, she reacted as expected: With a loud, hearty laugh.


The reason behind her laughter is the fact that this is a line that she uses on pretty much everyone. Though we’ve known each other for much longer, we didn’t become intimate until about 5 years ago, when I left my last monogamous relationship and found that, not only had Giovanna had a decade-long crush on me, but she’d also come of age.

We’ve gone our separate ways a few times since, being that she’s interested in being taken care of & I’m not up for that, but the times that she’s entered into would-be monogamous relationships while we’ve been in contact hasn’t stopped her from seeking me out to fuck her silly.

As I’ve mentioned before, “my girl” has a boyfriend. What I may not have mentioned is that, as far as he knows, their relationship is “monogamous”, and for him that is most likely true. Obviously, that isn’t the case for her, and I can’t really blame her…

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Earlier tonight, while taking a late-night nap, I got a text from a long time friend. It was an invitation to go out for drinks. I turned his invitation down, responding “Thanks for the invitation, but I think I’m just gonna stay in tonight. I’ve had a rough day and I’m really tired…”

The TMI version would have been to tell him that, earlier in the day, his niece and I fucked each other’s brains out like three times, and she really wore me out (but I wouldn’t, ’cause I’m smooth like that).

Don’t worry. His niece is of age…

Jack The Girl Eater