Know Your Enemy

The purpose of this blog is for gut-spilling and navel gazing. The former is why I call it the “TMI” blog. And both it and the latter are why I warn that it be read at your own peril. For whatever reason, some people really hate reading about stuff like this, and it seems to come of as “boasting” to them. That’s fine. Just don’t.

I have a pretty wide range of interests, and though I originally thought more of them would influence what went up on this blog, in the end, none of it has strayed far from the “TMI” sense of things. My interest in sexuality, gender sex differences, and relationship dynamics are what color the majority of my posts here, whether it is data, thoughts, or stories that I’m sharing. Being a relationship anarchist means my future is open to more uncomfortable situations, so I should be able to continue having more uncomfortably personal stuff of interest to share.

Anyhow, that’s all I have for this about post. I hope you find your stay entertaining (and feel free to hit me up on the services below). See y’all around!

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Brevity and Civility

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