creatives2(Or, “A Quick Peek Behind The Scenes And Into My Thought Process”)

The issue with us creative types, is that we don’t always go about doing things in a linear fashion.

Above is a screenshot of my drafts panel. Those are some of the posts that I’m working on currently, and if you look carefully (you can click the image for a closer lookyou might even notice that I’ve got stuff in there that was last worked on back in November of the past year. That’s another problem with us creative people. We sometimes abandon current work when we get new, shiny ideas in our noggins. It’s common for me to prioritize what I’m working on at the moment based on how excited I am about it, and that often means that I’ll be working on my newest idea and returning to the older ones later….maybe.

With this blog though, I sometimes get stuck, because a post that I want to make requires that I make one or two additional posts before it, so that people may have a better understanding of my basis for certain thoughts (which also serves my aversion about subjecting people to single posts that are giant walls of text). In the above image, the second post from the top, currently titled “On Others’ Infidelity”, is a perfect example of this.

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Just a quick aside. I made my “Committed Man” post private. I was reading back through it and I thought the above (yes, that’s the actual tweet I posted in reaction). So I’m going to take it down for a while. I kept feeling like something was off while reading it, like the actual message that I wanted to get across was missing, so I’m going to work on it for a bit.

I was messing around with parts of it, seeing if I could bring it up to snuff that way, but I think it will need to be entirely revamped. When I bring it back, I’ll float it up to the top, so don’t worry about having to go back and find it where the old post was. In the meantime, check out the resolution to my Christina posts if you haven’t gotten a chance. That’s all I have for you. Later…

On Becoming A Content Creator

intro work

My skull avatar doesn’t look bad in 3D, huh?

I’ve been meaning to get into a “content creator” role for a while now.  There’s been more than a few instances in which I’ve felt a slight need to either get some thoughts out of my head, or to explain myself better (after too much was being misinterpreted from tweets, for example), and I think the video format would work well for this. Twitter is far too limited, and blog posts like these get left in the dust because, let’s face it, people would rather not read (I’ve seen friends comment “TL;DR” on Facebook status posts that would only take a minute to read).

So, I decided on Youtube a while back, and started getting everything set up. I got my page graphics all set, mirrored the look on Twatter, and even got partly done on an intro animation. Some of you might actually recall me mentioning it on my former Twatter account, and even posting a screen shot of the work in progress [pictured above, to the right]. So, what’s come of this? Well….nothing.

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I recently decided that I should keep a TMI blog of sorts. The other places that I exist in currently are bad mediums/formats for this type of stuff. In one of these, this type of information is mostly unwelcome. In the other, it couldn’t possibly be adequately communicated.

To be specific though, I had several friends that facilitated a type of….”release” for me. These were folk that I would chill with on a very frequent basis (a bit of an “incestuous” bunch also, might I add), and with a few of these girls in specific, I could basically talk about anything and everything (subjects that I wouldn’t even dare trying to raise with a therapist). Unfortunately, several graduations later, almost all are living hundreds to thousands of miles away, and the rest of my local friends are either involved in the things I’d be talking about (so why bother?) or easily offended by their mention.

Of course, a blog is a bad substitute for what this recently dissolved circle brought into my life, but it’ll have to do until I can build a similar circle back up. (And besides, what better use of my anonymity is there? I love telling these stories.)

Anyways, that’s about all I wanted to open with. Expect to see a bit of dirt! Until the next time, see y’all around…

– Jack The Bigmouth