Just a quick aside. I made my “Committed Man” post private. I was reading back through it and I thought the above (yes, that’s the actual tweet I posted in reaction). So I’m going to take it down for a while. I kept feeling like something was off while reading it, like the actual message that I wanted to get across was missing, so I’m going to work on it for a bit.

I was messing around with parts of it, seeing if I could bring it up to snuff that way, but I think it will need to be entirely revamped. When I bring it back, I’ll float it up to the top, so don’t worry about having to go back and find it where the old post was. In the meantime, check out the resolution to my Christina posts if you haven’t gotten a chance. That’s all I have for you. Later…


Christina, II

Previously, on Jack’s TMI Blog, we left off with Christina pushing me down onto my bed, throwing herself next to me, kicking her pants off, then asking “So…what do you want to do?”

This may come as a total shock to some of you (Ha), but I responded by pouncing on her. We began furiously making out and ripping each other’s clothes off. It’s as if, even in our drunken state, we were both fully aware that we were being very naughty, and we were trying to squeeze as much out of our time together as possible.

It wasn’t long after we’d begun to really enjoy ourselves that I began hearing banging on my door. We ignored it, of course. Next, came the ringing of our cell phones. We silenced them. Then it was my room’s phone! We decided to ignore it, too, laughing a bit while doing so. We got so wild during our drunken romp, that after a while we fell off of the bed! We laughed for a bit, then I turned to her and said, “You know…I should probably answer that.” She nodded, knowingly, and I picked up the phone. “Hello?”

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Christina, I

Christina“, whose actual name I will only reveal to my personal friends, was a thin, 6 feet tall, blonde hottie. She holds a special place in my memories for several reasons, cardinal among them being the fact that she’s probably the tallest chick I’ve been with (same height as I), and that our hook up became a legend among all of my former co-workers. I’ve alluded to this before, but I think it’s time I finally shared the story in full…

The occasion that caused our paths to cross was this huge, gala-style dance that my company held once a year, in conjunction with several other local businesses. I really don’t care for such fancy shit, but you could say it was kind of a big deal. The rest of my co-workers were all about it, and one in particular, “Mitchell”, did not have a date to bring along. Luckily for Mitchell, the girlfriend of another of our co-workers, “Fred”, had a cute, recently broken up friend whom she thought might like the opportunity to get out and socialize in a fancy setting. The friend was Christina, and looking back, Fred’s girlfriend couldn’t have been a worse matchmaker…

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On “Talking”

A large part of the enjoyment that I get from sex is making women blow their lids. I could get myself to cum (almost) anytime that I want, so there’s no challenge in that. Being able to get women to explode though? I find it pretty damn satisfying, and to this end, “talking” has been a very potent tool.

By “talking”, I don’t mean running at the mouth out of anxiety, though. I’m the type that, in wishing to engage a woman’s every sense during sex, will also engage her imagination. I’ve actually given y’all a taste of the specifics before. Well…actually, that wasn’t that specific. I would need to write something closer to a script if that was the case. This type of thing requires a bit of a build up, and that takes time. It isn’t just “dirty talking”. Anybody could do that. What I’m referring to is…well, let me just give you an example: Imagine using a combination of talking, kissing, and light, non-genital touch to get a woman to climax before her panties have come off…

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