On “The Committed Man”

(It was a while ago that “kcmaleescort” left a question on my “Has Your Woman Sucked Male Stripper Cock?” post, and I thought it was a good one. They noted that I usually define my terms, but that I’d used “Committed Man” a few times without elaborating on it. My answer was provisional, because I knew I could write a blog’s worth on the subject, and so I did. I feel like I got lost during my first attempt, however, so i took it down with the promise that it would return. It’s been a busy end/start of the year, but things have slowed down a little again, so here we go!)

At its base, being a “Committed Man” is mainly about the beliefs that one holds. Believing in things like “true love” & “soul mates/The One”, that women are the coy, chaste creatures featured in Disney animations, and that a woman could ever love you unconditionally, as mum did, if only you show just how committed you are to your role as a protector/provider.

My issue with these beliefs, first and foremost, is that they are false.

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