Dirty Minds

I was spending quality time with my girl earlier tonight, and while laying around and relaxing, I got a call. It was one of my friends, her uncle. I show her, and laughing, she says, “You should answer and tell him you’re with me.” She can be pretty evil sometimes.

Her uncle is what I would call a sexually frustrated chump without hope (more on this later), so being reminded that his niece and I roll around naked and do a lot of naughty things to each other makes him pretty damn jealous. She’s aware of this, and doesn’t like him all that much, thus her suggestion above.

Anyhow, I tell her, “You know how we wore each other out last week? He invited me out later that night, but I told him I couldn’t because I’d had a rough day.”

Laughing again, she adds, “You should’ve been, like, ‘Sorry, I was fucking the shit out of your niece!'”

What a gal, huh? How’s that saying go? Dirty minds think alike?

Jack The Pervert


Cumming While Driving Is Difficult

You know how they say you “learn something new everyday”? Well, a few of these “somethings” stick out a bit more than others…

Earlier tonight, I was driving Giovanna back home to her and her boyfriend’s place, and she was still a little high. She gets very horny when she’s like this, but since she told her boyfriend she’d try to make it back home by a certain time, we couldn’t stop to take care of it. As a coping strategy of sorts, she decided to unzip me and start rubbing on my cock. Not a handjob, just…feeling on it.

Giovanna’s got a bit of cock worshiping thing going on, and likes to admire its size and stiffness when it’s erect, so it’s something she does every so often. About halfway there though, she’d really gotten into it, and I let out an audible “Whoa” from the sensation.

“Are you going to cum?”  she asked.

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Jack’s Drunken Consent Argument

Change of pace from the usual. The following is the formal version of an argument I’ve been making for a while, which I originally posted here. It’s about whether adults can consent to sex while under the “influence” of alcohol. The topic seems to come up often enough when dealing with serial infantilizers of women like Feminists and SJW‘s, so I thought I would keep it handy at an easily retrievable location, for future use. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about my argument, please post them below. You can help me make it better.

Anyhow, without further ado, the argument:

  • Premise 1: When you knowingly & voluntary consume alcohol, you are agreeing to expose yourself to its effects. Loss of inhibition, reaction speed, and short-term memory, among other things.
  • Premise 2A blackout isn’t a loss of consciousness, nor an indicator of extreme intoxication.
  • Premise 3: The inability to recollect your own actions does not mean you are unaccountable for those actions.
  • Inference 1: Per P1, you are responsible for any behavior you may engage in while under the influence of voluntarily consumed alcohol, to include operating a motor vehicle, or consenting to and having sex.
  • Inference 2: Per P2, and P3, blacking out doesn’t mean the consent that you gave was void.
  • Conclusion: The sex that you consented to and had while drunk, even if you can’t remember any of it, isn’t rape.


– Jack The “Rape Apologist”

On Becoming A Content Creator

intro work

My skull avatar doesn’t look bad in 3D, huh?

I’ve been meaning to get into a “content creator” role for a while now.  There’s been more than a few instances in which I’ve felt a slight need to either get some thoughts out of my head, or to explain myself better (after too much was being misinterpreted from tweets, for example), and I think the video format would work well for this. Twitter is far too limited, and blog posts like these get left in the dust because, let’s face it, people would rather not read (I’ve seen friends comment “TL;DR” on Facebook status posts that would only take a minute to read).

So, I decided on Youtube a while back, and started getting everything set up. I got my page graphics all set, mirrored the look on Twatter, and even got partly done on an intro animation. Some of you might actually recall me mentioning it on my former Twatter account, and even posting a screen shot of the work in progress [pictured above, to the right]. So, what’s come of this? Well….nothing.

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Even Better Than The Clitoris

– Have standard, PIV sex with my girl; she orgasms.

– Have standard, PIV sex with my girl…while gripping her neck tightly with my hand, whispering in her ear that she’s a dirty little cum-hungry slut, and describing a scenario for her in which I force her to watch me fuck another chick; she orgasms like 3 times in a row, taking long enough for me to catch my breath while I sit back and watch in amusement. And after, once she’s stopped convulsing and we jump into the shower, still smiling at each other, she starts cumming again, not quite done…

Sometimes, when I stop to think about these things, I get why the average male can’t figure women out: The average male doesn’t want to. He’s afraid of what he’ll find, and afraid of how that’ll change the way he sees women, the pure, innocent angels he’s placed on a pedestal.

(And as for the title, if any idiotic, dogmatic “You must stimulate the clitoris!” types are reading this, you can go eat a bag of baby a dicks.)

Jack The Degrader

On Relationship Anarchy

In my About post, I mentioned that this topic would color a lot of my posts here, so I thought I should probably take a minute to explain what it means for me.

To start, I’d like to first direct you to Wikipedia’s article on the topic. Simple enough, right? Well, my personal definition might actually be simpler. For me, Relationship Anarchy means I don’t bother with categorizations that separate friends and acquaintances from “love interests”. If the feeling is mutual, and they’re up for exploring things further, then I’m game.

I actually identified as “Polyamorous” for a good while, but over time, as I read more about the topic, mainly from this blog, I found that I had a bit of…I dunno, disdain for the term? The whole “multiple, loving relationship” thing didn’t seem like a good descriptor of what I wanted, or even how I was configuring things when the rubber was meeting the vagina road. I kept reading about poly folk, and about their relationships and thinking about how lame it all sounded. Cohabitation? Children? Marriage? Group Marriage? Poly-fidelity? Fuck all that!

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