“Ok, NOW you have my attention!”

Those were the words I uttered while getting my dick stroked and sucked by two chicks at the same time…

…while I was driving on the highway

…at 80+ miles per hour

…while slightly intoxicated.

Alright. Ok. So, take note, because this’ll be one of the few times that I will ever admit to this: That was probably a very reckless thing to do. But what was I supposed to do? Go “No, STAHP”? I suppose that would’ve been the sensible thing to do…

I’ll share a little background before jumping into the circumstances leading up to the scene described above. So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but Giovanna is also into girls. Recently, she introduced me to this friend of hers, we’ll call her “Tess”, and we’ve been working towards setting up a threesome. She seems to be down for it, but thus far obstacles have only allowed us to have drunken, three-way make out sessions.

Tonight was a little different.

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What Men Want, What Women Want

Central to my views on the relationship dynamics between men and women, are our innate drives and motivations. So, allow me to build a picture for you, that you may better understand, even if just at a basic level, the data that informs my views.

We are products of evolution, and the selection pressures that have shaped men and women go far beyond just our physical traits. Our brains, and by extension, our cognition and behavior, have also been shaped by this process. Most relevant to my interests, and the things I write about, are men and women’s differing reproductive strategies. “Differing” can be an understatement though, since these strategies are oftentimes in outright conflict with each other.

In brief, men’s reproductive strategy is to inseminate as many of the most attractive females they can manage (What’s attractive to us, both men and women, are in actuality markers for biological fitness. Here’s an entertaining crash course, cut into clips. If you can find it, watch it. It’s no longer on Netflix).

When we get to women’s reproductive strategy though, it…gets a little more complicated.

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