creatives2(Or, “A Quick Peek Behind The Scenes And Into My Thought Process”)

The issue with us creative types, is that we don’t always go about doing things in a linear fashion.

Above is a screenshot of my drafts panel. Those are some of the posts that I’m working on currently, and if you look carefully (you can click the image for a closer lookyou might even notice that I’ve got stuff in there that was last worked on back in November of the past year. That’s another problem with us creative people. We sometimes abandon current work when we get new, shiny ideas in our noggins. It’s common for me to prioritize what I’m working on at the moment based on how excited I am about it, and that often means that I’ll be working on my newest idea and returning to the older ones later….maybe.

With this blog though, I sometimes get stuck, because a post that I want to make requires that I make one or two additional posts before it, so that people may have a better understanding of my basis for certain thoughts (which also serves my aversion about subjecting people to single posts that are giant walls of text). In the above image, the second post from the top, currently titled “On Others’ Infidelity”, is a perfect example of this.

When I first began working on that post, over one month ago, it began life as what would eventually become my “On Morality” post. As I was typing that one out, I found that I’d written a very long introduction just to get my views about morality out of the way. I thus decided that it should be broken off into its own post, and it became a post about my views on morality instead. The image used at the top of that post, and my mention of  the “moral implications of fucking women who are in relationships” at the end, are not accidental. That’s what the post was supposed to be about from the start.

I actually took a bit of a break, and completed an unrelated two part post. Upon returning and attempting to finish “On Others’ Infidelity” again, the same thing happened, except this time my wordiness was being caused by my need to explain my views on infidelity. Some of you already know where this is going. Yes, it became my “On Infidelity” post, which went up a few days ago.

*Sigh*. So, again, I get back to finishing “On Others’ Infidelity”, but something funny happened. I found myself writing a bit about one of these instances of fucking a woman that was in a relationship, and became so excited about telling that specific story, that I went off and wrote it from start to finish. It’s the one titled “Of Pussy And Pals” but, hilariously, it can’t go up until I’ve finished “On Others’ Infidelity”, since the latter is kind of the basis for the former. What a mess! I’ll try to get this sorted out soon. Hopefully I can finally get on with things.

That’s all I have for this. Stay tuned for those posts, and more…

– Jack The Scatterbrain


2 thoughts on “Creatives

  1. Seems to me it at least keeps you working on something — and finishing something. I know some people who never get anything to a stage that it can be published or considered complete. I’ll give you a solid B+ for effort to production.

    Me, I give a C- on efforts at kcmaleescort, with a B+ on my non-sex blog for writing something every day this year. Isn’t an A of any type because I wouldn’t say its that quality.

    • Thanks! Being a B student is about as good as someone as scatterbrained and easily disinterested as I am could hope to be.

      Don’t think I could consistently crank something out everyday, so I think you deserve props for that.

      When it comes to writing, at least, I’m not focused enough to work through something from start to finish often enough. That is, unless I’m inspired, which comes when it wants to. And speaking of, while continuing to work on that “On Others’ Infidelity” post, I went off the tracks again and cranked out the first of another multi-part post. 😐 (that’s a screen shot of the preview)

      I have issues…

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