On Others’ Infidelity


It’s all fun and games until the clown pipes your dame

(Or, “On The Moral Implications Of Sleeping With ‘Taken’ Women.”)

This is something that I’ve wanted to speak about for a while now. Some of my crazier misadventures have involved me hooking up with women that were in relationships, so it’s something that I thought I should address.

I recently wrote about my views on infidelity, from how I define cheating, to who’s more likely to cheat, and in that same post, put forth the following idea: It is up to couples to agree upon what behavior will and will not be permissible in their relationships. These relationship terms are a bit like business contracts; they are about mutual benefit. “You scratch my back, I scratch yours. You don’t fuck anyone but me, and I keep paying all of the bills.”

So, with that laid out, when it comes to me sleeping with women that are in would-be monogamous relationships (committed to people I don’t know and/or care about), the moral consequences are…not my concern. I mean, does anyone care to explain what morals I violate by doing things that I never agreed not to do? I also receive no benefit from honoring agreements that specifically exclude me, so why would I? Because of appeals to morality for morality’s sake? Pfft! Sorry, but no.

As written previously, my choice to adhere to—or reject—any particular moral is a choice that I’d rather make consciously, and based on what I deem to be beneficial to me and mine, not on how others may feel about it. This also means that I don’t pretend to give outsiders the same moral consideration as those in my ingroup[s]. So, when I have a chick bent over in a leapfrog position, while I stuff her pussy from behind and rub my spit on her asshole, the feelings of her absent partner are not only the furthest thing from my mind, they’re also not something I feel at all responsible for.

Now, if I was giving this chick an STD, impregnating her (Uh, about that), stealing her away, or fucking her while he’s tied up and forced to watch (presuming he doesn’t like that), then maybe we could have a conversation about the moral consequences of my actions. But as it stands now, none of those are my game, cooties aren’t real, and as a wise man once said, “What momma don’t know, won’t hurt her.

It could be argued that I am partly responsible for these women’s moral infractions, because I’m some sort of a tempter, a “seducer”, but I don’t buy that. I know definitions vary from individual to individual, but I can’t accept the title of “seducer” when my “game(more on that soon) essentially amounts to me showing up, looking pretty, and not shooing women away too sternly

But enough of that. Let’s put the bullshit aside and be real for a moment. Forget about rationalizations or justifications ’cause, at the end of the day, it’s really this simple: I love sex, I enjoy the company of attractive women, and if I turned these women down they’d just go and jump on the next dick anyways, so why would I? Aside from being able to tell myself that I am a shining beacon of moral virtue, my only real reward would be a dry, sober, and lonely time.

Fuck. THAT.

And that…..is about all I have to say on this subject. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can leave those in the comments. Until next time!

– Jack The Womanizer


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