Playing With Fire

My introduction to the term “Sperm Warfare” came by way of a book published in 1996, itself simply titled Sperm Wars. There’s dispute on whether sperm warfare is something that occurs with human sperm, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. The most memorable parts of Sperm Wars are when the author, after describing deceitful reproductive strategies, would give color to them by adding short stories to demonstrate how these things can and do play out in the real world.

Today, while I continue speaking about a topic I started in a previous post, I’d like to tell you about the time a time that I came pretty close to consciously playing out one of Sperm Wars’ short stories.

On this night, while laying with Giovanna during our usual pre-fuck chat-and-stroke, she told me that her (then) boyfriend’s condom broke the night before, and that he came inside of her. For whatever reason, they didn’t get a morning after pill (Having bought many of the cursed things in my time, I think I know why: They cost 50 fucking bucks!), so she was worried she might end up pregnant, and really disliked the idea of having a baby with a guy that she was basically dating for financial reasons (she was not turned on by him in the slightest, and he was a minute man to boot). Knowing what I know about human reproduction, I was aware that her getting pregnant wasn’t such a sure thing, and thus saw an opportunity…

So I leaned over her, placed my palm around the side of her neck, looked her in her eyes, and in a too-serious tone asked, “You know what I should do to you?”


“I should rip your clothes off…pin you down…and fuck you ’til your pussy’s overflowing with my cum. And then, when I get you pregnant, you can tell him it’s his and make him pay for it…”

There was a pause…and then Gigi threw her head back and let out an evil laugh. She did this with a gusto which suggested that she thought this was a splendid way to spend the night…

As hinted at in “Pies And Succubi“, this aggressive thirst for insemination is something I’ve encountered with multiple women. Giovanna is one of these. Dirty talking about insemination or, hell, convincing threats of it, send her through the roof. (Add a little choking, and…well, I digress.) She’s gotten so into it at times, that she’s made serious attempts at forcing me to inseminate her, some successful (let’s say she’s ingested the majority of those morning after pills I mentioned). But I’m leaving something out…

I am also into insemination. Or, rather, into inseminating. But my dislike of children, and everything that comes after conceiving one, keeps me in line 97.34% of the time. This wasn’t one of those times.

That night, for the first time in a while, Gigi and I agreed to let this happen, and set out to get her pussy full of my cum. This particular experience is memorable for the following reason: The majority of my sexual experiences involve me staying under control. That night, I allowed myself to throw my cares to the wind, and just went at it. No concern over condoms, or making sure I pulled out at the right moment, or of having to run and buy a morning after pill afterwards. It felt so…natural.

There’s no predetermined, cosmic purpose to our existence, but “life” does have a will. Life’s will, simply put, is to replicate. And in that moment, when I purposely came inside of Gigi after years of abstaining, it’s as if my body itself knew, and it rewarded me with an amazing sensation in return.

I will tell you this much: I may not worship vagina, but I could come to worship how I feel when I cum inside of one.

Luckily, nothing came of this. Gigi did not become pregnant, and her (then) boyfriend was not put into the lottery to become one of the “genetic cuckolds” I’ve spoken about before (a multitude of which I first learned of in Sperm Wars).

If you wondered what the vague “Uh, about that…” in this post was about, then now you know. So…yeah! If you like to boo and hiss at my behavior, here’s your cue! Just know that of all of the things I’ve claimed to be, a moral paragon has never been one of them.

Anywho, that’s all for now. A few of the cuts I made while writing this left me with two other topics to cover, so stay tuned for those and many more. Until the next time!

– Jack The Sperm Warrior


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